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Last Looks

Co-Producer, Writer & Director: Barry Alexander Brown
Producer: Mevlut Akkaya
Cinematographer: Scott A. Maher
Cast: John Golaszewski, Verane Pick, Florina Petcu, Nick Brown, Hasan Ali Mete, Yigit Ozsener, Hans Teewen, Ying Yu Tan
Type: Feature/Fiction
Year: 2012

'Last Looks' tells the story of a young cast, director and crew set out to shoot a low budget horror film on a chartered boat in the Mediterranean. ‘Last Looks’ unfolds as a dark comedy in which a series of deadly accidents plague an out-of-control production. Shawn of the Dead meets The Blair Witch Project in this cleverly conceived romp that keeps you guessing all the way to the Special Features menu of the DVD - where the final deadly irony is revealed. Also known as Barry 'Cutmaster' Brown, the director Barry Brown has been working as an editor for many Spike Lee films.