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Producer, Writer & Director: Mevlut Akkaya
Cinematographer: Shu G. Momose
Cast: Bodo Frank, Deniz Cebe,  Lena Brand, Karin Graf, Lilli Boli, Henning  Godderz, Otto Keiser
Type: Short/Fiction
Year: 2001

The movie starts with the description of the word KANAKE:-n[Polynesian, person]: 1-born in Polynesia or South Island. 2-(slang) under devoloped, dumb person. 3-(slang) alien worker, esp. Turks. The story takes place during the carnival in Cologne, Germany. Kanake takes us through two days in the life of right-wing, wanna-be skinhead, Helmut, who is challenging his gang members to win a month-of-free-beer prize at the local bar’s Annual Best Costume Contest. Helmut is trying to prove himself, with an ambition fueled by his inferiority complex, comes up with the most surprising costume and make-up ever: Turkish Immigrant: KANAKE!