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Writer & Director: Cleve Lamison
Producer: Mevlut Akkaya, Michelle Olofson
Cinematographer: Shu G. Momose
Cast: Sean Patrick Reilly, Ellen Bethea
Type: Feature/Fiction
Year: 2005

Jack has conquered the American dream: his beautiful wife is pregnant, he’s receiving a promotion at work; he lives in a magnificent house on the ocean with a sailboat. Secretly, Jack longs for his rock-and- roll days with his former band, Bliss. Jenny believes she’s living her childhood fantasy. A wife and soon to be mother, she lives in her dream home with her happy, loving husband. The Shocker shows up with a scheme to get the band back together and go on a road tour; Jack contemplates deserting his corporate lifestyle. Tonight, dreams will collide – with escalating cruelty – as each struggles to follow their bliss.