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Director: Wayne Price
Writers: Lucas Akoskin, Wayne Price
Producers: Mevlut Akkaya, Brian Devine, Jonathan Gray
Cast: Lucas Akoskin, Peter Bogdanovich,  Thom Filicia, Matthew Mab, Denise Quinones, Amy Sacco
Type: Feature/Fiction
Year: 2007

‘The Doorman’ produced by Gigantic Pictures, tells the story of New York City's most famous and powerful nightclub gatekeeper, Trevor W.  Trevor will play tour guide on his awkward journey down to earth as he comes to terms with his ego, identity and career options. Trevor has the power.  After mysteriously losing his job, he struggles to keep up appearances in front of the camera while his glamorous, jet-set "celebrity" lifestyle goes into an abrupt and awkward tailspin. Trevor W. may have held power over many important people, but what’s a Doorman without a door?