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Writer & Director: Menguc Tanriseven & Baris B. Gunal
Producer: Mevlut Akkaya
Cinematographer: Scott Beardslee
Cast: Phil Horton,Terrence Kava, Dennis Montes
Type: Short/Fiction
Year: 2005

“Love needs the right perspective” The comedic love story of two men who both fall in love with a female mannequin found on the beach. A man finds a female mannequin washed ashore. He takes it to his home to clean up. While cleaning her up, he thinks “she” is looking at him. He makes a move: They end up “sleeping” together. Next morning he serves her breakfast in bed. This time he thinks “she” is looking away. He takes her out to dining. She still seems to look away. Where she looks is the same seducer, trying to seduce her. Driven with jealousy, he drags her out. He gets furious, takes her to the beach where he found her.