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Writer: Monica Mehta & Mumtaz Hussain
Director: Mumtaz Hussain
Producer: Mevlut Akkaya
Cast: Nate Dushku, Darby Lynn Totten, Lindsay Goranson
Type: Feature/Fiction
Year: 2012

Dean and Isabella are the quintessential New York City couple.  Isabella provides passion and inspiration for Dean’s large and colorful canvases. That is, until the day Dean receives the news. Isabella is dead. A suicide, the police have concluded.  Dean is shrouded in dismay and his art is suffering. He is uninspired.  A frustrated Dean splatters his canvas with paint.  All abstractions.  Images start to form in the midst of chaotic and abstract brush strokes.  Dean follows the clues that his paintings provide. The accuracy of his paintings is striking!  Yet his path leads toward Dean’s greatest fear - the reflection of his own mind.  Does he succeed?