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Writer, Director: Mehmet Aslantug
Producer: Levent Koksal, Erdal Tosunel, Mevlut Akkaya (NY)
Cast: Mehmet Aslantug, Arzum Onan,  
Type: Feature/Fiction
Year:  2009

‘Last Warmth’ tells the story about Arif, an artist, diagnosed with cancer, separates from his wife whose pregnancy he does not know by leaving a letter behind. He starts a new life away from everyone in a village on the coast. He is very depressed. One day Zuhal comes to Arif with his daughter. She informs Arif about to go to the New York for a better life for her daughter and herself.

Zuhal wants her daughter to stay with Arif for a while. The daughter's short stay with her father will have a powerful impact on their lives. In real life couples Mehmet Aslantug and Arzum Onan are the stars of the film.