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Writer, Director: Ugur Yucel
Producer: Ugur Yucel, Defne Kayalar, Haris Padouvas, Hakki Goceoglu
Supervising Producer: Mevlut Akkaya
Cast: Kenan Imirzalioglu,  Olgun Simsek
Type: Feature/Fiction
Year:  2004

Toss Up’ tells two independent stories of two young men who joined the army together, and fought in Eastern Turkey at the same time. Rıdvan the Devil,” a soccer player from Göreme, and “Cevher the Ghost,” a young man who is living with his father in Istanbul. After serving together in the army in Eastern Anatolia in 1999, both men return to their civilian lives after they dismissed from the army since Rıdvan has lost his right leg, while Cevher has lost the ability to hear in his right ear after the explosion of a mine. Their survival challenge and struggle will not be easier as a civilian!