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Director: Sepehr Mikailian
Producer: Mevlut Akkaya, Sepehr Mikailian
Cast: Behrouz Vossoughi, Monica Bellucci, Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, Arash, Bahram Radan
Type: Feature/ Documentary
Year: 2019

In the history of Iranian cinema, one name stands out as the most popular, most celebrated and by far the most sought-after actor of his day: Behrouz Vossoughi. Vossoughi is an actor whose popularity cuts acrossl class, cultural and social boundaries. With over 90 films in his past, Vossoughi set the standard for acting for generations of Iranian actors to come. This documentary will be a first portrayal of the life of a great actor, a story that many in his homeland are impatiently waiting to experience. It will be the first time that a camera has been allowed into the private life of an artist whose life is intricately tied to that of his nation’s history and culture.