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Line Producing in America

Akaya Films will act as the domestic arm of international productions that have interest in filming in North America. Line producing projects include but are not limited to: independent films, television shows, and commercials. For years, New York has been film industry's most exciting and vibrant city. Providing great support to production companies through tax benefits, guilds and unions, trained government organizations, New York has become the ideal filming location for every established production companies from all around the world.

Having the years of experience of working in New York, Akaya Films, with experienced staff and well-established relationships, supports national and international producers and production companies both in New York and across the United States during pre production, production and post production phases.  Our services include:

• Script consulting • Crew hires & Casting • Location logistics
• Permits • Budgeting & Scheduling • Equipment rental
• Travelling & Accommodation • State/City Permits & Tax Breaks • Production & Post Production facilities