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Writer & Director: Reis Celik
Producer: Anil Celik, Mevlut Akkaya
Cast: Ilyas Salman, Dilan Aksut
Type: Feature/Fiction
Year: 2012

A 60 year old groom who spent many of his years in prison and therefore, seems to be a little late for marrying.  In fact, this wedding is held in order to help stop the blood feud between two powerful clans. The bride, whose face is hidden by the red veil, waits for the groom but internally is filled with fear. The noises of outside fade out when the door is closed. The bride and the groom are alone in the room. The groom gives his presents to the bride whose legs are too short to reach the floor and she slowly reveals her face. The face under the veil is the face of a 14-year old girl. Winner of the Crystal Bear at Berlin Film Festival in 2012 and also since the film won more than 40 international awards.