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Writer: Micael Preysler
Director: Micael Preysler
Producer: Mevlut Akkaya
Cast: Therese Malvar
Type: Coming-of-Age, Comedy, Noir /Feature Film

Filipina teen assassin Celine, manipulated by her mysterious uncle, befriends a nomadic artist while awaiting critical missions in Flushing, Queens.

One chilly December night, Celine is dropped off on the fringe of Flushing by her driver Mr. Liang where she is to stay and await orders from ‘Uncle.’ The flat is desolate and uninviting, but Celine is resilient, and makes the best of it. She performs her second assignment which results in an explosion of blood in the target’s bathroom. Upset by this horrible murder, she breaks her dagger when she returns home. Celine finally breaks down and is ready to take control of her destiny.