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Writer: Felix Rojas
Director: TBA
Producer: Mevlut Akkaya
Cast: Franky G, Luis Antonio Ramos, Andre Royo
Type: TV/Streaming Drama Series

After hiding from, life, death, friends, family and a huge drug debt for ten years, a near fatal car accident forces Loco/Alex to return to the friends, family and enemies he abandoned in the Bronx. It doesn’t take long for Loco to realize that time has stood still, waiting for his return. Loco wronged a lot of people who slowly but surely hear of his return.

Loco’s hopes of reuniting and healing the wounds of old friends and family and coming to terms with his younger brother's death, for which he feels completely responsible. Loco must find a way to balance two very different lives; the dangerous and chaotic life he ran away from ten years ago and the humble, simple and peaceful one he dreams to live today.